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Why is SEO Important for Business Blogs and How to Achieve It?

A research estimates the total number of blogs in Wordpress, Tumblr, and Squarespace to be more than 440 million alone. Not only that, but a significant number of websites, out of the 47 billion, currently in existence also include blogs.
With such a large figure, it is of absolute necessity to make an individual’s blog stand-out from the rest. Moreover, business blogs also need to make themselves more visible to users so that they can become prospects.
In another recent research, it was found that although 60% of businesses own a blog, 65% of those have not posted any content in over a year.
Updating a blog with relevant and fresh content is its only requirement. This keeps readers engaged and makes them comeback for more, which, in turn, contributes to more brand awareness.
Again, regular updating is not the only factor mandatory in this case. If a blog lacks visibility in search engines, then all the hard work will bear no fruit.
In this scenario, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes provides its supreme support to bloggers. With this approach, blogs can rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages or SERP, make them more visible, and draw more quality traffic to the page. That is why, proper SEO is essential, especially for business blogs.

Now, how can individuals make their blogs SEO friendly?

Here are some ways –

1. Use Keywords
The major requirement for search engines – keywords.
Thus, they also form a major part of SEO, making a blog rank higher in the SERP. However, keywords are also one of the most exploited aspects of SEO. Previously, websites use to integrate excessive keywords with their content to beat their competitors in ranking.
Google, after getting alarmed of this ensuing keyword spamming, updated their algorithms. It started banning and penalizing websites partaking in this method.

What’s the solution?
One needs to integrate keywords in an ethical way, i.e. adhering to the specified keyword density, placement, etc. Moreover, these keywords need to come natural and be relevant to the overall content.
Most importantly, keywords will be relevant to the business itself ensuring that they match users’ searches.

Framing informative or educational blogs around the keywords which users search for will automatically aid in ranking higher. This will not only increase traffic to a blog but also the chances of conversion.

2. Backlinking
Backlinks are inbound links which come from external websites. If a website references or hyperlinks a blog belonging to another, then it can earn credibility in the eyes of a search engine.
Bloggers can ask other websites writing relevant contents to include links in theirs. Informative and indispensable information hold top priority on the internet and will also be welcomed by other sites.
Moreover, linking other posts relevant to each other within the same blog can also contribute to good SEO. This will further enable readers to look at the other posts and increase their views.

How Google took the decision!
Before upgrading their systems, Google put websites in higher ranks that took part in unethical backlinking. Numerous blogs and websites posted their links in forums and started spamming them. Purchasing backlinks was another method practiced by most.
As of 2018, Google decided not only to ban spam backlinks, but also to penalize the host website. Thus, websites have become cautious about backlinks and only include those that are of paramount significance.
However, backlinks are still considered as one major criterion to term a content as valuable. Backlinking showcases the significance and soundness of a blog and that is what search engines prioritize.

3. Frequent posting
The higher the number of posts, the higher a blog will rank in SERP. However, this is not always the case.
Frequent posting in a blog will enable Google to know that it is active; this will further ensure that the blog continues to rank higher in SERPs.
Previously, blogs used to take advantage of this and add more posts filled with keywords thereby exploiting this method. Google, after coming across this loophole, revised their algorithms and started to penalize websites which followed this method.
As of now, blogs which post different, unique, and plagiarism-free contents frequently get to rank higher in Google’s search pages. Moreover, integrating the above-mentioned methods like keywords, backlinks, and internal linking with regular posts can further aid for a blog in reaching out to more users.
Thus, increasing the number posts while maintaining all the required SEO criteria will earn the blog more visibility in search engines.

4. Mobile-friendly
Around 49.7% of internet users around the world accessed the web through their smartphones, as of February 2017. As of January 2018, the total figure was around 3.7 billion.
Making a mobile-friendly blog is another requirement for SEO, which can also ensure higher visibility. Post 2015, Google ranks all mobile-friendly websites on top of their search results.
Websites that are responsive provide a vertical UI rather than a landscape one in a computer for easy scrolling in mobile devices. Using flexible images, grids and media queries, blogs with responsive designs can provide users of every platform an equal viewing experience.

5. Others
Few other ways in which one can do SEO of one’s blogs:
• Meta description – Optimizing the meta description to include relevant information about the blog will help readers determine its validity. Moreover, adding the keywords of the blog post in the meta description can also help in good SEO.
• Proper URLs – Small yet informative URLs are useful for readers and help them to easily grasp the contents of the blog.
• Image alt text – Since Google cannot determine images, integrating keywords with the image’s alt text in the blog can also impact the search engine’s rankings.

Here’s the catch!
Google Search Console – Google’s Search Console is a tool that offers analysis of a blog. It can provide the keywords readers are using to find the blog and also the number of clicks originating from its search results.
Following these SEO methods, blogs, whether business or individual, can receive higher ranks in SERP. SEO is of high importance for blogs to reach more users, expand their growth, and eventually receive more prospects.

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