April 4, 2018

Privacy Policy

At silvioberlusconifanclub.org we value your privacy as much as you do. Like all websites we collect user data for improvement of our site and services. Below are a a few things we collect and use the data for.

We make use of cookies to store data about user session and then use it to provide a better experience for a returning visitor.

Our website log registers the IP’s, session time, session duration and pages visited of our visitors. This data is used to compute the effectiveness of the website and make it better. This data may be shared with third party developers to get help in modification of the website.

All information entered in any form on the site is stored in our database and is used to contact users for services requested and an occasional promotional email. This data is not shared with anyone and remain with the website owner.

All content in third party websites linked from us is subject to their privacy policy, we will not be responsible for anything on their website. We might show some ads and we do not have control over the advertising material. If you find anything to be objectionable then we request you to contact us immediately.

By using our website you agree to our policies, if you have any concerns regarding any aspect of our website then we request you to let us know through the contact form.